Looking for ways to add to the beauty and enjoyment of your home? Want to transform that house into a real home that helps you live the life you want? Maybe you want to add value so that when you put your home on the market in a few years, you’ll get a better price. There’s good news – many home improvement projects can be done on your own. There’s no need to hire professionals and shell out a ton of cash. What are the best DIY home improvement projects, though? There are literally hundreds of options, but we’ve listed several of the best below.

Reinvigorate Your Bathroom

Think that a bathroom renovation needs to cost thousands of dollars and take weeks? Think again. A few simple tips can help you transform that space, and you won’t spend a ton of cash or time in the process. You can go as simple or as complex as you like, but a little bit of paint can go a long way. Choose a color that brightens up the space, and then install fixtures that complement the color. Adding towel racks and toilet paper holders takes only minutes, but can yield some impressive results in terms of design and vibrancy.

Finish Out Your Basement

Thinking about turning that basement into a game room or family gathering space? You don’t need a contractor for it. Literally anyone can install insulation – just make sure to wear jeans, long sleeves and gloves. Installing sheetrock on the walls is also not a particularly difficult task. Just make sure you have a sharp knife for cutting out holes for outlets and the like. A can or two of paint, some nice light fixtures, and laminate flooring that you can install on your own will transform that area from dank basement space to a wonderful area to use as you want.

Track Lighting in the Kitchen

Want to improve the lighting in your kitchen? Ditch those old globes and install track lighting. You’ll need the tracks, which can be purchased from most any big box DIY store, and you’ll need to know where your fuse box is. Trip the breaker that controls the lights in the kitchen so they’re off, and remove the old fixture. Follow the instructions for mounting the track lighting to the ceiling, and wire it up in place of the old fixture. Make sure to use wire caps to cover exposed connections. When you’re done, turn the breaker back on and enjoy the new lights.

Brighten Up Your Family Room

Want to change things up in your living room? Adding a couple of coats of paint can do the trick. One of the hottest trends right now is to paint a single wall a different color than the rest of the room. If three walls are white, choose bright yellow for the fourth to bring in sunny color and life. Or, go for something a little more somber with blue or gray.

Replace Your Front Door

Is your front door showing its age? Want something that’s more elegant, more durable, or a mixture of both? You don’t need much to replace a front door other than a few basic hand tools, like a hammer and a pry bar. Use a tape measure and get the dimensions of the old door (height, width and thickness), and then choose a replacement door – you’ll find tons of options from DIY stores. In most cases, you won’t have to do much other than install the door and frame.

These are just a few of the hundreds of simple DIY projects you can undertake around your home to add life, functionality and more enjoyment.

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