If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker, and you are obtaining leads from a mortgage lead provider, it is important that you get the best return on your investment that you possibly can.

For starters, understand that a lead provider does just that, they provide you with leads. It is entirely up to you to make the sale.

When you call potential customers, it is not unlikely to be confronted with objections, regardless of where your leads are coming from.

Here are a few tips for overcoming some of these objections.

If you call a customer and they say that they are no longer interested, it is most likely because they lost their nerve.

Purchasing or refinancing a home is a very big financial deal, so it is understandable if your customer gets cold feet.

Say something to this effect in the nicest voice you have . . .

Oh, I�m very sorry to hear that, after looking at the on-line form you filled out, I was able to fit you into one of our programs that I am sure you would be interested in.

If a customer tells you that they are working with someone else. They either really are, or again, they have lost their nerve.

Say something to this effect . . .

I�m really sorry to hear that. We offer some really nice products and I only wanted to take a minute of your time to go over some of our programs.

Although these approaches will get the customer talking the majority of the time, there are the times when it does not work.

Here are a few other things you can do . . .

Most lead providers supply you with an e-mail address, so e-mail them with some attractive products and tell them briefly about the benefits of working with you and your company.

Also, you can mail them out some flyers with some products that you believe would meet their mortgage needs along with some of your business cards.

Whatever happens on your sales call, do not give up after one objection. If you have not been having success with your leads, than you need to change your approach.

Remember. The lead provider can�t do the selling for you. Best of luck with your leads.

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