Buying a Home After Bankruptcy

Buying a home after bankruptcy: This article discusses how to buy a home after bankruptcy and the mistakes to avoid. If you have subscribers or visitors with a past bankruptcy who are planning to purchase a home after bankruptcy, they will want to read this article

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Understanding The Mortgage: Adjustable Or Fixed?

The mortgage is not one simple thing. There are many types of them and they each offer different advantages to those that are looking for one. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments that you will ever make during your life time. It is ideal to make sure that you make this investment carefully and to the best of your ability. One thing about them that you will want to understand is whether you should go with an adjustable or a fixed type of loan.

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House Prices Set For Greater Regional Variation

The growth of English house prices is slowing. In contrast, both Scottish and Northern Irish house prices are heading for boom periods, according to new figures.

Nationwide predicts that house prices in Scotland and Northern Ireland are set to become increasingly dislocated from trends in England and Wales, as the countries have witnessed far faster house price growth over the year, increasing the need for larger mortgages.

House prices in Northern Ireland rose five tim…

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Sub-Prime Mortgage Loans – Five Ways To Lower Your Rates On A Sub-Prime Mortgage

Sub-prime mortgages don�t mean you have to pay excessively high interest rates to buy a home. By taking time to do some research and pick the right terms, you can save thousands on your mortgage. The following five tips will help you get low rates with the right subprime lender.

Compare Lenders

The number one way to lower your interest rates on your sub-prime mortgage is to compare lenders before you apply. It sounds so simple, but too many homebuyers skip this step, co…

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Mortgages – How Much Are You Really Borrowing?

How much are you paying back?

When considering a mortgage do you consider all of the right questions, for example do you consider which bank is best because of their reputation or do you instead look solely at the interest rate tables, do you look at the ability to switch mortgage provider or do you look at how long they can guarantee a given mortgage rate? These are of course all important questions and ones that should be given due consideration when choosing a mortgage …

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