Looking around for a new home? The first thing you probably think of financing. Well a good place to look is the internet. A great place to check out is Mortgage Mall (http://www.mortgagemall.com.au). They are one of the best and productive financial institutions on mortgages. Just visit the site and answers some questions, click submit and in a few hours you can get a response from them. They are known to save you time and money.

Another site is Wizard (www.wizard.com.au). They let you look at the current mortgage and loan terms that you might be eligible for. They can also provide you with information about interest rates, loan options and a lot of other information that can be helpful to you. This will be a really good thing if you are a first time home buyer or seller.

To get a good mortgage deal and terms it would be wise to look around the internet. A good place to check out is Rams (www.rams.com.au). You will be able to compare different interest rates, fees, appraisals and many other requirements. When your looking around be sure to look for trusted mortgage lenders, there are many over night mortgage companies that ask for application fees, once you�ve paid them they will then reject you, and you will loose the money you paid for the application fees. So don�t let that happen to you ask and look around to make sure the company is legit and not out to get your money.

Don�t rush and submit an application online. Get different quotes on interest rates from different companies before you decide which one to pick. You can also get an indication if you will even be approved, because it�s not 100 % certain that you will be approved.

Though doing your application online can save you much time and money, and help you shop around for the best mortgage dealer that can fit your needs.

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