How To Become a Mortgage Broker

The Mortgage Industry accounted for $18 Billion in loans last year. As a mortgage broker you can expect to take your cut out of that very large pie. And the best part is, you can get into this profession with almost no education or formal training. No other profession is so easy to get into yet offers such a high-end, six-figure earning potential.

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Mortgage Loans

Looking around for a new home? The first thing you probably think of financing. Well a good place to look is the internet. A great place to check out is Mortgage Mall ( They are one of the best and productive financial institutions on mortgages. Just visit the site and answers some questions, click submit and in a few hours you can get a response from them. They are known to save you time and money.

Another site is Wizard (…

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Millions Rely On Fictional Mortgage Benefit

Around 3.85 million home owners believe that a non existent state benefit will enable them to keep up with mortgage repayments in the event of losing their income.

Almost one in ten home owners wrongly believe that the government will pay their mortgage if they are unable to do so for reasons such as redundancy or illness, according to new research.

However, the government will not help anyone with mortgage payments for the first nine months of unemployment and after th…

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Mortgage Calculator Reveals Big Savings With Small Payments

Having agreed on a monthly payment schedule with your mortgage lender doesn’t necessarily set that amount in stone – that’s just the minimum you can pay! By playing with a mortgage calculator, particularly a pre-payment loan calculator, you can see where extra payments can make long-term savings on your mortgage.

The mortgage calculator will quickly show that you don’t have to pay large sums of additional cash in order to make a difference. Even regular smaller sums can g…

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Poor Credit Mortgage Refinance – Refinancing Your Home After Your Credit Score Has Dropped

You can still refinance with bad credit, but you will need to shop around. Each refinance application is looked at on an individual basis. So even if you have bad credit, other factors could qualify you for a low interest rate. However, if you don�t apply, you will never know.

Reasons To Refinance

If you bought your home with good credit, you probably found reasonable rates. But you still may be able to lower your rates by refinancing. You can also lock in rates by conv…

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California Mortgage Brokers And Lenders – Loan Approvals With Good Or Bad Credit

Mortgage brokers have the ability to locate the perfect home loan for your credit type. Before lenders began offering a range of home loans, getting approved for a mortgage loan with poor credit was impossible.

View our Recommended California Mortgage Brokers Online.

Today, there are many loans and lenders that focus on both good and bad credit mortgage loans.

Options Available to Homebuyers with Good Credit

Naturally, having a high credit score will present bette…

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Using A Mortgage Calculator To Compare Loans

A mortgage calculator is a pretty interesting tool. It is used on the websites of many lenders to show what the various options are in the loan products that they can offer. The hope is that an individual will come to the website, punch in the numbers to the loans they would like to have and see how much of a home they can afford to pay for each month.

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How To Save Money On Your Mortgage

Understandably, when most home buyers look for a mortgage, their top priority is to get the lowest monthly payment. But it�s a better idea to look at how much it�s going to cost you over the long term, in both interest payments and fees. By looking at these costs, you can save a significant amount over the years.

Even if you already have a mortgage, there are still a number of strategies you can use to reduce the total amount of interest you�ll pay. Most of these accelerat…

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