A Quick Guide To Bad Credit Mortgages

Trying to buy your own home but can�t get a mortgage because of your bad credit rating? Stop applying for regular mortgages now and start looking at the bad credit mortgage market.

Traditional mortgage providers rarely offer their mortgage products to people with bad credit. Why? Because if you�ve had trouble paying your bills, credit cards or loans in the past, you�re a bad risk. Lending you tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds could be a bad idea.

The recent increa…

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The Offset Mortgage – Why Is It Growing In Popularity?

The biggest innovation in the mortgage market in recent years, the offset mortgage, is now starting to take a significant share of the market. Now, only six years after they were introduced, the offset and the current account mortgage account for 10% of all borrowed mortgage capital.

According to one of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders, as many as 25% of existing mortgage holders could save money in the long run by choosing an offset mortgage. If you’re one of those poss…

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100% Home Mortgage Refinance – Choose A Lender Online

100% home mortgage refinance frees up your money for other purchases, like a second home, renovations, or debt consolidation. To get the best deal on your cash out refi, look online for your next lender. By evaluating loan quotes that you can get in minutes, you can save thousands with just a couple hours of research.

Better Mortgage Lenders Online

If you like low rates and fees, then you will find your best lenders online. Technology and competition has pushed down ref…

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