Young, Self Employed, No Accounts And No Savings. How Did I Get A Mortgage?

I was having considerable problems getting a mortgage to buy my first home about four years ago. If I was to believe everything I had heard, I was the ideal candidate for a mortgage – young, a first-time buyer and with an annual income of about �30k. Easy!

No, not easy, actually. Being young with a leaning towards enjoying myself, I had no savings – nothing to use as a deposit. But what about these 100% mortgages I had been hearing about? Surely I qualified? Oh, there was …

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Tips On Refinancing Your Home – When To Convert To An Arm

Common advice tells borrowers they should refinance their adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate mortgage. However, there are times when it makes better financial sense to do the reverse. The prime reason is that an ARM provides lower rates.

Low Interest Rates Of An ARM

An ARM�s primary benefit is a lower interest rate. Typically a couple of points lower than a fixed-rate mortgage, an ARM can save you thousands. The downside is that an ARM�s rates can rise.


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Foreign Currency Mortgages – What Are They And What Are The Risks?

99.9% of mortgage borrowers raise the money they need to buy their home in pounds sterling and pay the prevailing UK based interest rate. But it does not have to be that way��..

Whilst by its’ own historical standards, the UK’s domestic interest rates are low, they are still significantly higher than in the Eurozone, America, Switzerland and indeed, Japan. Therefore, you can currently borrow the money you need in Euros, $ dollars, Swiss Francs or Yen, secure the debt agai…

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It’s Never Too Late to Get a Better Rate on Your Mortgage

Perhaps you are a first time homebuyer, or maybe you have been in your current mortgage for years; whatever the case may be you should realize that it is never too late to get a better rate on your mortgage. Many people believe that mortgage interest rates are set in stone once they sign the papers – yet, today, hundreds of thousands of people negotiate better rates each year.

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