CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, has always been an essential part of the mortgage industry, as the customers are the primary source of earnings. A good relationship with each individual customer is the beating heart of any mortgage company. Offering the best, useable programs available to them and finding other ways of fulfilling their needs is the basis for retaining current customers while being referred to new ones.

Lead management is one of the toughest, time-consuming, but highly important parts of any company, as it is crucial to obtaining new customers. Mortgage leads within the lending industry are especially significant, for if managed properly and efficiently, an agent or broker can turn the information obtained into a loyal (and profitable) customer. Good mortgage lead management software is a shortcut to improving CRM within the firm.

For starters, the right mortgage lead management system mediums, like software and websites, will offer pre-sorted mortgage leads to the lending industry, including any prospects who are more likely to buy a home, have an adjustable rate mortgage that is about to expire, etc. Through a number of ways, genuine leads from credible sources can easily increase a lender�s closings by 20% or more, as employees of the mortgage industry will spend less time searching for leads and referrals and more time on customer service. With the focus on customer service, more available programs will be found to meet the customer�s needs. In addition to newly delighted customers, you will gain referrals from them.

Secondly, with a good lead management system in place, not only will you be able to act upon only �hot� current leads, but they can be generated into specific categories such as credit history, zip and/or area codes, type or size of mortgage needed, etc. Now a company�s agents and brokers can prepare ahead of time for such leads, creating a new level of CRM while making your customers feel at ease.

Next, a proven track record with a faster response time will help win the customers before they can even think about finding another company to do business with. Potential customers typically do not enjoy the mortgage process. A quick start followed by a smooth finish is the best way to retain your customers� mortgage needs for life.

Security is the final check for proper lead management. By granting access of company files and potential customer�s valuable information to only well-qualified employees, your security risk will decrease.

As you can easily see, lead management is crucial to the success of any business in the lending industry. Mortgage CRM follows closely behind. By implementing the right lead management program, a healthy bottom line and a returning client base will ensure your company�s success for years to come.

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