Because of rising home prices, many homebuyers are forcibly purchasing homes they cannot afford. While many are able to handle the mortgage payments, they are unable to keep up with utilities and other household expenses. There are ways that you can avoid being �house broke.� Before applying for a home loan, it is wise to consult a mortgage professional and determine how much you can realistically afford to spend on a new home.

Live Within Your Means

To receive the most enjoyment from owning a home, it is essential to live within your means. Sadly, many people splurge on new homes. When this occurs, you must either find a way to generate extra cash or downside to a smaller home.

Then again, some homebuyers do not fully understand how much money it takes to run a household. However, it is important to remember that bigger homes require more electricity and so forth. Take this into consideration before buying a new home. If you can afford the mortgage payment, but have little disposable cash for utilities and other unexpected expenses, it may be wise to select a less expensive home.

Take Advantage of Mortgage Calculators

Various mortgage lenders offer online mortgage calculators to give future homebuyers an idea of future mortgage payments. These calculators are not exact. Most do not calculate taxes and insurances. If using a mortgage calculator, simply input home price, interest rate, and loan term. Instantly, the calculator will provide an estimated monthly payment. Usually, taxes and insurance are about an extra $200 to $250.

Use a Reputable Mortgage Broker

Due to steady rises in home prices, many mortgage companies and lenders will approve homebuyers for loans that do not fit into their budget. Purchasing a home that you cannot afford creates many problems, especially if you are a first time home buyer. Some lenders will advise clients wisely. On the other hand, there are lenders who have a practice of persuading homebuyers to purchase homes that are way beyond their means. If a mortgage broker or loan company appears too pushy, deny their offer.

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