Things I Learned When I Refinanced My Home

Some days I feel like a home refinancing expert. I�ve refinanced my home twice in the last three years to take advantage of attractive interest rates. Although interest rates have been rising lately, refinancing may still be an attractive option if you�re paying a high interest rate on a mortgage. When my husband and I built a new home in 2000, we felt interest rates were a little high so we opted for a three year mortgage with an 8 percent mortgage rate instead of locking in…

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Reverse Mortgage: A Dignified Way For Retirees To Supplement Income And Take Care Of Expenses

For many Americans reaching the retirement age, the equity build up in their home is their only real asset. Reverse mortgage is a way to tap into this asset and create a stream of income needed for retirement or take care of an unexpected financial need that is usually related to health care costs in the elderly.

Reverse mortgage is not like a refinance, equity loan or a second loan on your home and there are some pitfalls.

So what is a reverse mortgage?
As the term…

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California Home Mortgage Companies – How Much House Can You Afford?

Because of rising home prices, many homebuyers are forcibly purchasing homes they cannot afford. While many are able to handle the mortgage payments, they are unable to keep up with utilities and other household expenses. There are ways that you can avoid being �house broke.� Before applying for a home loan, it is wise to consult a mortgage professional and determine how much you can realistically afford to spend on a new home.

Live Within Your Means

To receive the most…

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