If you have a recent bankruptcy and are looking to buy a home, be careful of unethical or predatory lenders. Whether you are looking online or offline for a mortgage lender, it is becoming increasingly more common that subprime lenders are taking advantage of bad credit borrowers.

Many lenders will take advantage of borrowers with recent bankruptcies and bad credit because they know that the borrowers loan options are limited. Sometimes these lenders will charge excessively high fees, extensive pre-payment penalties on the home or ask for a fee upfront to “process” the loan.

Here are some tips on applying for a mortgage loan after a bankruptcy:

Beware of the Lender Asking For a Fee Upfront – Anytime you are applying for a mortgage loan, the only fee you should ever have to pay is the application fee which covers the cost of the lender pulling your credit application. Some lending scams involve asking for a processing fee of hundreds to thousands to process the loan.

Compare Loan Offers – If you can compare from 3-4 mortgage application quotes then you will know what to expect the current interest rate for subprime mortgage loans to be. If you accept the first mortgage loan offer you have, you may be paying a much higher interest rate than what is reasonable for your credit history.

Get Closing Costs in Writing – Brokers know that if a borrower has bad credit, they are most likely going to be more concerned about getting a reasonable interest rate and just getting approved than making sure they get normal closing costs. This is where many lenders will ding the borrower with credit problems. They will sometimes charge excessive closing cost fees. Get the list of closing costs in writing ahead of time and then do research online to make sure that the costs are reasonable. If the costs are not, go back to the lender and tell them that the closing costs are too high and you will not go through with the loan until they are lowered to be what is normal. The broker will usually comply, because they don’t want the loan to fall through.

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