An interest only mortgage is a type of mortgage where you will pay only the interest and does not repay the principal amount for a period of time and during this period; the loan balance will remain the same.

In twenties this type of loan was normal, as it worked fine as the home did not lose value and the borrower does not lose his job, but when there was depression in thirties that made these loans to get into the foreclosures, and the lenders stopped giving this kind of loans, as they wanted the loans that are repayable.

Today interest only loans are available for a period of 5 years only and at the end of the period, the payment is collected to the full amortizing level. The longer the interest only mortgage the larger the new payment when the term gets over, these interest only mortgages are especially for those who wanted to make less initial payment and has great confidence that they can make the huge amount when the mortgage term gets over.

With interest only mortgage the monthly payment you make gets covered for the interest alone but not the principal that is the amount you have borrowed , so at the end of the mortgage period you have to make ready the entire principal amount , for this you may have to make arrangement to save extra funds in the investments you make, so that you have sufficient funds to repay the principal amount at the end period of interest only mortgage term.

To make up these principal payment at the end of interest only mortgage you can invest your amount in tax free individual savings account (ISAs) , Tax-efficient pension plan and endowment policies, for this you need to talk to your independent finincial advisor who can help you to find the right investment as they are experts who advice or sell the policies offered by insurance companies, building socities and the banks.

In this interest only mortgage you would be paying only the interest and the principal amount you have borowed remains the same even after 25 years, but during this time your investment should have grown enough to pay off your principal amount of mortgage.

Mostly interest only mortgage are offered on Adjustable rate mortgage and sometime they are also found on fixed rate mortgage. This interest only mortgage is suitable for those who has regular income and can make small payment regularly but at time when they get bonus or any sporadic income they can pay back the principal with this way the borrower can end up his interest only mortgage loan.

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