How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt Free In 6-10 Years Or Less With Little Change To Income Or Expenses The New Zealand Way

Ariel Metekingi knew there was a way to pay off debts and a home mortgage quicker than what was being offered on the US market. Living in New Zealand where homeowners pay off their homes and are debt free on an average of 6-10 years, he experienced how it worked there and in Australia.

“I was surprised to find that Americans, generally considered worldwide leaders and innovators, are laboring with archaic mortgage programs where the major face-lift has been bi-monthly mor…

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Happy Birthday Buy To let

This summer marks the tenth anniversary of the buy-to-let mortgage. In July 1996 Mortgage Express (part of the Bradford & Bingley group) were the first to trial a dedicated buy-to-let mortgage product. However could the growth in this sector herald the decline of the first time buyer.

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What’s A Mortgage?

Buying a home is an exciting prospect. Choosing the location, the floor plan and finally sealing the deal. There is an important element that exists in most home sales and that is the mortgage.

Whenever you purchase a home and you don�t pay the full price in cash, you have to obtain financing. This type of financing is a mortgage. When you take out a mortgage you are using the property as collateral. If you fail to repay the mortgage on the terms you agreed to, the bank o…

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Three Pitfalls Associated With Home Equity Mortgage

You are more likely to qualify for a home equity mortgage than for a traditional loan. In case of home equity mortgage, you provide the equity you have over your home as collateral for the amount you take as mortgage. There are a few critical things to keep in mind while applying for a mortgage.

Avoid these three pitfalls associated with home equity mortgage

1.Holding credit information from your broker or lender

This is the worst mistake you can make while applying …

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