How To Find Wholesale Mortgage Lenders

Some mortgage bankers and portfolio lenders are also wholesale lenders that deal with mortgage brokers, sometimes exclusively.

Most mortgage lenders have both wholesale and retail departments. Mortgage brokers prefer to obtain wholesale rates and then mark up these rates by adding points, presenting the borrowers with quotes that are similar to what borrowers could obtain directly from a retail lender. Mortgage brokers are free to set whatever prices they want, and have di…

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Finding A Good Mortgage With Bad Credit

The decision to buy a house is a great one, and nothing can make the outcome of that decision greater than being well informed of what to expect from the process of choosing and getting a mortgage. If credit history is an issue, prepare yourself and learn beforehand what you can do to optimize and improve it. A less than stellar credit history will not automatically exclude you from a mortgage approval. Armed with this knowledge, buying the right house will not only be possib…

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How To Avoid Mortgage Scams

With record numbers of individuals seeking home loans these days, it�s no surprise that scam artists have developed new ways to separate borrowers from their money. Mortgage scams are on the rise and typically target people who are overextended, have bad credit, or are in need of financial relief. These scams can cost a lot � in fact, they can result in the loss of your home. Guard yourself against con artists with a little background on common mortgage scams:


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Is a Fifteen Year Mortgage a Good Bet?

A fifteen year mortgage is a great bet, if you�re inclined to gamble on a couple of things. The first, obviously, is that you�re betting on your ability to pay the higher mortgage rate over the long haul. If you have your own business, you have control over your employment situation.

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