Mortgages And Interest Rates

Interest rates can affect the type of mortgage you choose and dictate when it�s wise to make a change. Here are a few of the factors that can be affected by a swing in interest rates:

Choosing a mortgage
When interest rates are rising, a fixed-rate mortgage is usually a good choice, since it locks in the current rate and protects you from the higher rates to come. When rates are falling, an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) becomes more attractive, as its interest rate chan…

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Mortgage Choices That You Have

When selecting a mortgage, there are many things to think about and wonder about. For anyone that is looking for a way to secure the best loan for their next or first home, they should weigh all of their options, carefully deciding what the right way to go is. With so many different types of mortgages out there, though, this can be relatively difficult for you to do.

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When Will Ben Bernanke Blink? Is the Federal Reserve’s Rate Raising Fight Against Inflation Going Too Far?

There is a lot of speculation and debate among economists about whether the Federal Reserve will raise the Fed�s short term interest rate to 5% in their meeting on Wednesday. One thing that is not receiving much attention in all of this is how these steady increases are effecting the bond market, and an inversion in that market has caused a change in mortgage interest rates that hasn�t been seen in over 20 years.

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