Mortgage Loans After Bankruptcy – Ways To Boost Your Fico Score

After a bankruptcy is discharged, many lenders will offer you a home loan. In most cases, these lenders do not require new lines of credit or a high credit rating. Buying a home with good or fair credit has its advantages. These individuals likely obtain better mortgage rates and qualify for a range of home loans. Here are a few tips on ways to raise your credit score before applying for a mortgage.

Pay Creditors on Time

The habit you adopt for paying creditors can have…

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Refinancing Your House Mortgage – 3 Reasons To Refinance While Rates Are Low

Before mortgage interest rates begin to rise, homeowners should consider the advantages of refinancing now. Although we�re witnessing record low rates, these rates will not last forever. Unfortunately, many homeowners will delay refinancing and miss out on the savings. There are many reasons to refinance. Here are the top three reasons to refinance while rates are low.

Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Interest rates greatly effect mortgage payments. Individuals with…

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Canadian mortgages have some quite subtle differences from the UK system so I have no doubt they will be fairly new to most nationalities. Whichever type of home you buy, the chances are you will need a mortgage. There are many different methods of financing a home buying purchase that are unique to Canada:

Assuming a mortgage – This involves taking over the sellers mortgage and negates the need to arrange your own financing. The rate you take on may well be fixed lower th…

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