Programs To Help You Fund Your American Dream

Owning a home provides tremendous benefits for families and for the communities in which they reside. Homeownership provides a sense of security and allows families to build wealth. A home is the largest financial investment most American families will ever make. Homeownership translates into a greater concern for neighborhoods and their communities as owners work to maintain the value of their greatest investment.

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Non Comforming Loan Comparison: Adjustable Rate Mortgage Versus Fixed Rate Mortgage

Are all mortgage loans the same? Or can making a choice between one particular type of mortgage get you in trouble if you aren’t careful. In the case of an adjustable rate mortgage versus a fixed rate mortgage it is true that all mortgages are not alike. Of course in many cases the type of refinance loan you can secure has to do with how good or bad your credit has been over the years.

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Mortgages. Why Interest Only Can Be A Risky Option

The Council of Mortgage Lenders� figures are showing a growing trend in interest only mortgages. From January to March 2002, 9% of new mortgages were interest only. Now take the period from October to December 2005, and the amount of new interest only mortgages has risen to 23%. In the same timeframe, the number of first time buyers choosing interest only mortgages has increased from 6% to 15%.

There�s a good reason for this upturn, and that�s because the monthly payments …

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