If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker and you are considering purchasing leads, or you are disgusted with the leads you are currently receiving, you may want to consider looking into �real time� leads.

Real time leads are something to consider because they are hot leads. Meaning you will receive the lead within seconds of your prospect submitting their on-line form.

Another thing to know about real time leads is that you know that when you receive your lead, you know it will be of good quality.

Many lead companies sell recycled leads, or what is better known in the industry as junk leads.

Recycled leads move from one lead company to the other, being purchased at a discount, and than being sold to loan officers at a profit.

By the time a lead of this type ends up on a loan officer�s desk, it has already been passed through the hands of at least a dozen other loan officers.

The chances of closing a loan on a lead like this are slim to none.

When considering a lead company that deals with real time leads, be sure to do your research. Call the mortgage lead company and speak with someone in customer service.

Find out how hey obtain their leads. If they are not obtaining the leads from web sites they own and operate on their own, than most likely they are obtaining them from third party vendors. In this case, it would be in your best interest to move onto the next lead company.

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