Subprime Mortgage Lenders – Sub-Prime Loans Now Available Through Traditional Lenders

Sub-prime loans are becoming more readily available through traditional lenders. Even with a bankruptcy or foreclose in your credit history, you can still find financing for the purchase of your home. The key to sub-prime mortgages is to do your research and compare both terms and rates.

Your Credit History

A poor credit history doesn�t have to send you running to sub-prime lenders. For one, you may still qualify for an A loan, reserved for people with good credit. If y…

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Reverse Mortgages Evaluated With A Mortgage Calculator

If you are like most retired adults, you own a home but have very little else for retirement. However, if you sell your house, you won’t have a place to live! So here’s your problem: you need money to live on, but the only thing that you own of value is the place you live.

A reverse mortgage can give you the answer this retirement dilemma. This option sells your house a piece at a time, instead of all at once. Also, you get to live in your home. You can use a mortgage calc…

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Mortgages. Big Changes In The Buying And Selling Of Houses.

On June 1 st 2007, the law concerning the buying and selling of houses changes. From that date onwards everyone who wants to sell a house has firstly to prepare a Home Information Pack (HIP).

And if you don’t? You’re in the frame for a �200 fine! It’s also probable that estate agents will also insist on you having the Pack ready by the time they put your home on the market. Certainly, buyers’ solicitors won’t do a thing until you provide the Pack. All in all, you don’t hav…

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