Sub Prime Mortgage Lenders – How To Get Approved Online

Sub prime mortgage lenders process applications online everyday. Processing information over the internet speeds up the process and saves costs on offices and personal. In some cases, you can get a reduction in fees or rates by completing your application online. To get approved on your mortgage, follow these tips.

Sub Prime Mortgage Factors

Sub prime mortgage lenders each have their own criteria for assigning loan scores to lenders. The higher the score you get, the be…

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Mias Calls On Mortgage Lenders To Fix Their Exit Fees

MIAS, the Mortgage and Insurance Advisory Services ( ), is concerned that, despite the recent publicity and various campaigns in the press, borrowers are still being stung by punitive exit fees.

Lenders charge exit fees when customers redeem their mortgage in full, for example, by switching their mortgage to a rival lender. Exit fees can also be termed administration charges, sealing fees or deeds-release fees and are raised to cover the cost of ta…

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Guide To Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing can be worthwhile, but it does not make financial sense for everyone. It is a balancing act between the potentially huge savings over a 30 year mortgage vs. the large cost of refinancing. Whether or not refinancing is a wise decision is purely a numbers matter.

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Use A Mortgage Calculator To Guide Your Home Equity Loan Decision

The difference between a home loan and a home equity loan lies mainly in that the home equity loan, also known as a second or even third mortgage, is issued at a higher interest rate. This interest rate is lower than you could expect to pay on a credit card, but it will be still higher than the original interest rate.

Use a home equity mortgage calculator to see what releasing different percentages of your equity makes to the payments required. The mortgage calculator the…

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