UK mortgage and remortgage deals

Mortgage is a way of securing a debt by using your own property as a guarantee to the lender. If For some reason you cannot pay your debt in time you may lose the property. The term mortgage itself refers to the debt and also to the legal device used when securing the property.

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Zero Down Mortgage Loans – Is 100% Financing A Good Idea And Can You Get Approved?

Are you wondering if you can get approved for a home loan with 100% financing? Are you also wondering if its a good idea to get a mortgage loan with no money down? Here are some points to keep in mind as you apply and consider your different mortgage loan options.

To qualify for 100% financing on a purchase mortgage loan, it would be important for you to have a credit score of at least 600 or higher. If you are between 600-650 on your credit rating, you may need to go thro…

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Interest Only Mortgages – FSA Makes Move To Protect Homeowners

Abbey recently stated that over 25% of homeowners decide to take out an interest-only mortgage. It’s not hard to see why � the monthly payments are significantly less, just look at this example based on a 25 year �125,000 mortgage at 5%. The interest only mortgage will cost �525 per month – but the repayment mortgage is �735 per month � an additional �210 a month � that’s a lot of money!

At the root of the issue are the first time buyers � they simply can’t afford the rep…

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Buy A House After Foreclosure – How To Get Approved

Purchasing a new home after a recent or past foreclosure is easier than you may think. Some previous homeowners are hesitant to apply for a mortgage. Considering their history, many assume that mortgage lenders will immediately deny their loan request. On the contrary, numerous lenders offer mortgages and loans to individuals with damaged credit. Hence, obtaining a new home loan is within your reach.

Ways to Quickly Improve Credit Score

After a foreclosure, rebuilding c…

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