Do You Have To Have A Mortgage To Buy A Home?

Buying a house is almost certainly the most expensive purchase you will ever have to make. Finding or saving the funds to buy your first home and get your foot on to the property ladder used to be almost impossible without taking out a mortgage to lend you the required funds.

Although most people still don�t have access to the amount of cash you would need to buy a home, alternate options to the mortgage are starting to be explored. With the increased use of the internet t…

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Home Mortgage Refinancing Lenders – What Are Your Options For Finding A Lender?

If you have ever considered refinancing your home mortgage, now is the time. You likely realize that mortgage interest rates have reached a record low. Hence, taking action to obtain a lower rate or convert to a fixed rate is wise. After deciding to refinance a mortgage, your next big decision involves selecting a good lender. Because various lenders offer refinancing, there are several options available to you.

Request Quotes from Your Current Mortgage Lender

Before re…

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Choosing your mortgage – customer service and reputation do count.

Recent user polls have shown that 18% of us have moved mortgage provider due to bad customer service. 28% of us have avoided taking out a mortgage with a particular provider due to a friend�s bad experience.

Switching mortgages is something that many of us avoid doing even when it would be beneficial to do so. It can seem like a lot of hassle but if you look at potential savings it is often worthwhile. We should not leave it until we have a bad experience with a lender bef

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The Advantages Of Reverse Mortgages

In recent years property values have soared, while investment returns have been modest. This has created a situation where a lot of seniors are finding themselves in the position of being house rich and cash poor. These cash strapped seniors are looking for ways to increase their retirement income while continuing to live in their homes. These retirees find that their options are limited, and in most cases require them to risk their home. Enter the reverse mortgage, which can…

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Flexible Payment Mortgages

With most mortgages, your payment is the same every month. But what if your paycheck isn�t so regular? Would you like to be able to vary your mortgage payment depending on your cash flow? An option ARM — also called a flex-ARM or pick-a-payment loan — allows you to do just that.

How does it work?
An option ARM is an adjustable-rate mortgage with a twist. You don�t pay a set amount each month. Instead, the lender sends a monthly statement with up to four payment options….

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Best Refinance Mortgage Rate – Improve Your Odds Of Getting A Low Rate

Obtaining a mortgage refinancing has several benefits. However, the only way to realize these benefits is to qualify for a low rate mortgage. Even though refinancing a home is ideal for securing a fixed rate mortgage, without acquiring a lower rate, you may not save on your monthly mortgage payment. If you are hoping to obtain a low rate mortgage, there are steps you should take.

Establish a Good Payment Record with Existing Mortgage Lender

When applying for a refinanci…

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